Connico Team Member David J. Hunley, PE
David J. Hunley, PE

Vice President

WORK: David has 32 years of experience in construction and construction consulting, with an emphasis on Aviation and Transportation and serves as a Vice President for Connico Incorporated. With a B. S. in Civil Engineering from the University of Tennessee, his project responsibilities have included resident project representation, design support, cost estimating, construction oversight and administration, design support, constructability reviews, and engineering fee reviews. David is well known throughout the industry for his extensive civil work and is a registered civil engineer.

FUN FACTS: Most people can’t carry a tune, but this guy can sing! David has spent his life singing in many different venues from symphony orchestra choirs in college to church choirs and praise teams, and even in a southern gospel quartet. David even got to sing during a University of Tennessee football game halftime show with the late great Roy Acuff. Singing is one way David likes to get his point across. We can’t even stop David’s singing at work. One of his greatest passions today is “singing the praises” of team members and Connico in an interview or networking situation. He will sing about the value of cost management and schedule management to anyone that will listen. He’s learned over time that the music you make… is equal to the effort that you put into each and every endeavor.