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Connico is proficient in balancing the art and science of preparing cost estimates, which minimizes lost time and money.

Early cost estimating guidance is a mixed skill of art and science, not just number crunching.  The science of estimating tells the cost of past work.  The art is in our ability to visualize a project and the construction of each detail, selecting comparative costs from past projects, and adjusting them to new conditions.


  • Protect your budget more efficiently due to our extraordinary level of detail and field construction background.
  • Our comprehensive cost consulting services are designed to help you save time and money, concentrate on core competencies, produce outstanding results, and increase profitability.
  • Our approach is responsive, adaptable, and in line with your needs.
  • The level of detail in our estimates often exceeds what is on the plans because of our team’s ability to conceptualize a project before drawings are complete.
  • You receive more value because we have a small business structure, yet large company resources and expertise.



Our success in program management is attributed to a balance of focusing on the finite details and the big picture.

Most clients think that a large number of team members are required to implement a program, but really you just need the right people.  Our team members have diverse backgrounds and serve in multiple project roles so we can give you a clearer perspective of your program leveraging our collective talent.


  • We can help you develop and manage a program that will meet your goals.  We assume a proactive stance to anticipate potential problems and develop solutions before the program is adversely affected, allowing the owner to maintain and enhance schedule, cost, and quality. 
  • Our broad-scale capabilities, cost-effective solutions, efficient management, and understanding of functions and responsibilities required during the planning and implementation of a capital program enables successful project delivery.  We adhere to project schedules while reducing costs, minimizing risks, and maintaining the highest standards of quality and safety.
  • We can introduce numerous design value engineering concepts throughout the execution of the program in order to maximize return on investment, as well as aid execution and constructability of individual program components. 
  • We have the advantage of professional technical staff who operate with complete focus on communication and who understand the issues that are involved in planning, design, and construction management of multiple, concurrent projects.


We protect the owner and the project’s integrity while enhancing collaboration among all project participants.


  • A construction engineer's/manager's perspective must not only consider the total cost of a the project, but they must also have an understanding of the details that make up your bottom line.  We offer the benefit of combining our extensive construction engineering and cost estimating background, which further minimizes defects and construction deficiencies.
  • With the use of portable technology that streamlines our construction administration process, we provide better quality services at a lower cost.  We assist A/E’s in providing continuous observation and administration of a project, keeping all stakeholders informed of construction progress and quality, scheduling, inspections, and reporting, as well as document control and close out. This technology means information is always accessible, exchangeable, and up-to-date, which saves time and money.
  • With one of the most important elements during construction being communication, our proven techniques provide more broad-based meetings that include all major stakeholders. This provides everyone with the most up-to-date construction schedules, progress of work, and major milestones to be accomplished.


We help create a path for our clients that leads to a positive impact on their project and a low impact on their budget.


  • We minimize litigation and construction delays utilizing our extensive construction field experience by providing you with constructability scheduling early in the design process.
  • Receive a real time representation of your project from start to finish due to our extensive experience in the design and construction fields.
  • From conceptual design meetings to the finished project, we can monitor the process to assure efficient and timely completion without compromising quality.


We can quickly meet the changing needs of a dynamic building program.

We can work with red-lined drawings, mark-ups, and sketches to provide quality CADD support services on a variety of software platforms.

  • Our CADD technicians can serve as your “staff on demand” when your architects, project managers, and engineers need additional CADD support and redline edits, or your designers are in a time crunch on projects.
  • Using the Architecture, Engineering & Construction (AEC) package of AUTODESK® 2018 including Navisworks Manage and the CONNECT package of Bentley 2018 with ProjectWise for project delivery, we can help “tell the story” behind our cost estimates by providing visual representations of select project components as a supplement to the cost information conveyed in our cost estimate reports.  We find this to be especially helpful for preliminary Rough Order of Magnitude (ROM) programming and planning estimates, including Master Plan estimates, where detailed design information has not yet been developed by a design team.  While not intended to replace a designer, our CADD services provide support services to enhance the information developed by our cost estimating team.


Accompanying our core consulting services, Connico offers an array of additional services to complement and support your varying business needs.


  • Constructability reviews

  • Contract compliance

  • Disadvantaged business enterprise plans

  • Independent fee reviews

  • Records keeping

  • Value analysis

  • Wage rate monitoring 

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