Over the past 25 years, we have found the blueprint for success. It's The Connico Way.

The Connico Way

Building a Project Team

We are flexible and facilitate the project to best serve you.

  • For every project, we tailor a team of industry experts who have specific experience in the market segment at hand to meet your needs.
  • We have direct relationships in the transportation industry which brings value to our teaming partners.

Early Conceptual Estimating & Scheduling

We provide greater value in the early stages of the project.

  • We mix the science of considerable experience and judgement with the art of visualizing each construction element.
  • Our level of detail surpasses the plan's detail.
  • Our team members have extensive construction field experience.

Estimating Checks & Balances

Effective project management is vital. So we provide a layer of expert review to minimize wasted time, budget, and resources.

  • Connico provides strict checks and balances.
  • Our effective company structure allows individuals to serve in multiple roles.
  • We view projects from multiple perspectives – the designer’s, the engineer’s, the owner’s, and the contractor’s.

Direct Communication

Receive the most valuable solutions due to our team’s broad construction background and proven responsiveness.

  • We are highly responsive to client requests and deadlines.
  • Each individual on the project is focused on best serving the client.
  • Our team members’ broad backgrounds and experience allows them to serve in varying roles and eliminate layers of bureaucracy for ideal communication and results.

Project Execution

Receive unrivaled efficiency in project completion.

  • Our firm has 25 years of experience executing successful projects.
  • We are detail-driven and have heard many times that our level of detail surpasses that of our competitors.
  • We are driven to be highly engaged and responsive.

Integrated Services

Integrating our services offers many benefits.

  • Our team members can serve in multiple roles, so you get increased efficiency while partnering with less people.
  • Connico's support of Planners, Engineers, and Architects is most effective when a package of our service offerings is combined. Initiated at planning, continuing through design, and, ultimately, into construction.
  • This combination of our services provides clients a seamless team effort and allows the project team to have a comprehensive understanding of a project from start to finish.

Our multiple service offerings can help your project run more efficiently. View them.