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Are you seeing the Whole Picture?

Our experience allows for greater detail and accuracy in the design process.

Connico offers highly specialized consulting services that are unique in the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction industry. As experts in aviation and transportation, Connico has the ability to assist owners, architects, engineers, and planners with cost estimating, scheduling, program and project management.

We offer a comprehensive understanding of factors that may impact cost, delays, and future bidding conditions to help you envision the big picture on the front end and equip you with the best decision making tools.

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Our Services

Our services cover many areas of expertise. Let us know what your needs are. We will provide the solution.

Our Way

Developed through 25 years of experience, the Connico Way delivers client satisfaction and project success with meticulous attention to detail and an ability to see the big picture.

Our Team

Having field construction experience is just one of our many differentiators. See what else makes our team exceptional.